Coated papers

A large range of technical coated products in a variety of options, with numerous development possibilities for new specialities.

  • Various base types: quality, characteristics and weights. The machine can process our own Kraft papers as well as any other type of paper from 40 g/m2.
  • Customised coatings are formulated onsite. Multiple formula options.
  • Optimal flexibility in coating application: on one or both sides of the paper. Treatment of both sides of the paper, identical for both or different for each side, in a single application.

Papers offered exclusively on rolls.


Release papers

PANKRAFT : Silicone-coated pan liners

Anti-skid papers

GASCO FIX : Anti-skid papers

Flame retardant papers

FIREA : Flame retardant papers


PANKRAFT is a food baking pan liner that is available in various options for home, professional or industrial use. It is also available with one silicone-coated side for laminating (baking mould production).

GASCO LINE release papers are designed for industrial uses and processes: release paper for wood panels manufacturing, backing paper for self-adhesive labels, release liners for various industrial applications.


    Silicone-coated pan liner
    Base: Natural machine glazed Kraft, plain surface
    ≥ 40 g/m²

    Characteristics & options

    • Silicone on both sides
    • Silicone on one side, suitable for lamination
    • Different levels of release
    • Suitable for food contact (up to 220°C)
    • Various base paper and custom designed coating


Gasco Fix is an anti-skid water repellent base for interleaving sheets, protective and other non-skid applications.


    Anti-skid paper
    Base: Kraft liner
    ≥ 100 g/m²

    Characteristics & options

    • Anti-skid treatment on one or both sides
    • Various base papers (brown / white) and custom designed coating


Flame retardant papers are used to produce fire retardant protection products and insulating materials.

  • Firéa

    Flame retardant paper
    Base: Machine glazed natural Kraft, plain surface
    ≥ 70 g/m² *

    Characteristics & options

    • Flame retardant treatment on both sides
    • Various base paper and custom designed coating

    * Paper also available in lighter grammages from the “Speciality papers” range (Natural machine glazed Kraft)